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Category: Luxury Villas with Hotel Services
Address: Lagades, 84200 Agios Fokas, Tinos
Telephone: +30 22830 26146, +30 698 6533529

Experience living in a villa with unlimited views of the Aegean, which provides comfort, privacy and serenity for your vacation...


Category: Apartments
Address: Agia Kyriaki beach, 84200 Agios Ioannis (Porto), Tinos
Telephone: +30 22830 24419, 6949 073829

Drosoulites apartments are waiting for you by the sand at the beautiful beach of Agia Kyriaki. Imagine waking up and having the bright sun shining on the clear sky of Tinos and being able to walk barefoot on the beach, to enjoy the crystal clear sea, the refreshing cocktails and the...