Piso (Back) Dialyskari

“ A hidden, not known beach “


  • LOCATION: Located near Vourni (W of Kionia) and about 6km from Chora.
  • ACCESS: Take the coastal road of Kionia passing the point where it crosses the
    coast (sand), continue until the sign stating Coast Deligianni and follow the
    dirt road heading left. Then, follow the left fork in the road (passing by the first
    houses that you will meet on the left) that leads to the beach. Map
  • MORPHOLOGY: Creek pebble and sand
  • ORGANIZED: No, it has no natural shade
  • CROWD INFO: Secluded
  • WEATHER: Relatively sheltered from the winds


  • If you do not have a 4X4, choose walking down to the beach as the dirt road
    may be difficult (depending on winter rainfall etc.)