“ Green marble as a sea bed “


  • LOCATION: Located in the NW part of the island, it is about 30km from Chora.
  • ACCESS: After Pyrgos, go ahead to Marla, pass through the village and go uphill
    on the left, following the sign for Mali. The last 5.5km are a dirt road requiring
    cautious driving but not a Jeep necessarily. Map
  • MORPHOLOGY: Pebbles, sand, rocky seabed at the first steps, normal depth
  • ORGANIZED: No, natural shade from trees
  • CROWD INFO: Quiet
  • WEATHER: Relatively calm.


  • The water is turquoise, reflecting the color of green marble.
  • On the way to Mali and Koumelas, you will meet the impressive landscape of
    the quarries.
  • Worth getting to the Strait (Steno) of Tinos-Andros, if you have a 4x4 car.