“Facing Drakonissi(=dragon island)“


  • LOCATION: Located in the N section of the island, it is about 15 km from Chora.
  • ACCESS: Through Tripotamou Av., head towards Komi, turn right at the end of the main
    road, cross the small bridge and go straight ahead to Kolymbithra.
  • MORPHOLOGY:  Kolymbithra bay has two beaches. Mikri Ammos is the more narrow
    part of the marine basin. It’s sandy, with deep waters. Megali Ammos, much longer
    and wider is also sandy, with deep waters and underwater currents.
  • ORGANIZED: Mikri Ammos - yes. Megali Ammos - only partly.
  • CROWD INFO: Mikri Ammos is busy. Megali ammos is relatively quiet.
  • WEATHER: Mikri Ammos is generally calm. Megali Ammos is exposed to N winds, often
    with large waves.


  • If you notice the opposite island (the Drakonissi) you will see that it looks like a lying
  • Megali Ammos(which among locals is known as "California") is ideal for water sports
    requiring wind and wave.
  • In Mikri Ammos beach Volley championship games are organized, every summer
  • Kolymbithra hosts migratory birds in winter.
  • In older days, this is where students of the School of Ursulines used to go camping, in