“ Eagles or Ceramic's nest? “



  • The name of the village comes from the place where it is located, since it is like a nest built
    high in the mountains
  • Aetofolia, after the settlement of artists from Sifnos (Cyclades), became a center of pottery.
  • The Church of Ag. Ioannni, which dominates in the village, was built in 1819.
  • In the village, there is a Museum of Traditional Pottery and Folk Art.
  • The surrounding areas "Tis Koris o Pyrgos", "Ellinikaria", "Kammeni Spilia" beyond their
    physical beauty, are associated with various versions of folk legends.
  • According to tradition, in "Kori’s Pyrgos" lived Persephone, daughter of Demeter, the mythic


  • Situated 15 km off Chora (Tinos).
  • Starting from Kionion coastal road, go straight on till you meet the junction at Ag.Marina
    Take the road on the right, towards Aetofolia (leaving behind Kalloni and Kato Kleisma).
  • Map