Zohodohou Pigis Church

  • In the Church of Zohodohou Pigis, known as Evresi (=Discovery), you can see the exact point where the Sacred Icon was found.
  • During excavations for Finding the icon, they discovered ruins of an ancient temple and they decided -even before finding the icon- that a church should be built in that location.
  • The Holy water is flowing from a fountain located in the church, beside the point where the icon was found.
  • In the church baptismal fonts (two for infants and one for adults), hundreds of baptisms take place, each year.
  • In the middle area of the Evresi Church, part of the earlier church of St. John the Baptist still exists.
  • On January 30th, the Finding of the miraculous Icon (the custom of Fanarakia-Lanterns) is celebrated.