“The lighted... shade of Kehrovouni“


  • Koumaros is a small (fewer than thirty inhabitants) and very picturesque village.
  • Built on the steep mountainside of Fourka. The view is spectacular.
  • Koumaros is the nearest village to Exomvourgo, connected through a path with the old castle.
  • Cultural events regularly take place in the theater of Koumaros, recently created by Costas
  • In the area of Koumaros, you will find the abandoned Ursulines' convent and the church of
    St. Angela, the founder of the brotherhood.
  • On August 6, on the day of celebration for the Savior, a big feast takes place in the village.


  • Situated 10 km off Chora (Tinos). 
  • Follow the new road network (starting from Tripotamou Av) leading to Komi.
    After 5 km (just before Krokos village) do not continue towards Komi, but
    turn right to Skalados, and after passing through the village, turn right towards
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