Panagia Tinou

The Church of Annunciation (Panagia Evaggelistiria) is one of the most important religious centers of Orthodoxy worldwide and the most frequent pilgrimage destination within Greece. The island of Tinos is inextricably linked to the Church of Virgin Mary (Panagia). Whoever has the experience of visiting it, can understand how deep is the relationship between Tinians and the church and what’s more, how strongly they believe and how deeply they love Panagia.

Evangelistrias Church


                    • In place of the Church of Evangelistrias, there existed a Byzantine church of St. John the Baptist, which, as it was said, was burned in the Saracen pirate raids, while, in antiquity, the ancient temple was dedicated to Dionysus.
                    • Built in its original form within three years (1823-1826), thanks to the voluntary work of Tinians and financial contributions by believers from every corner of Greece, it is the first remarkable architectural monument of the liberated Greek nation.

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Zohodohou Pigis Church


                    • In the Church of Zohodohou Pigis, known as Evresi (=Discovery), you can see the exact point where the Sacred Icon was found.

                    • During excavations for Finding the icon, they discovered ruins of an ancient temple and they decided-even before finding the icon-that a church should be built in that location.

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Museums - Collections


                    • In the courtyard of the church the following museums – collections can be found.

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                    • The building complex of the Church also includes the following auxiliary spaces

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