Gallery (P.I.I.E.T)




Located in Chora, in the church of Annunciation (Panagia), in the southwest wing of the complex.


Admission upon request


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  • The Gallery brings together more than 120 works of great Greek and foreign painters.
  • Founded in 1961, thanks to the donation of the collector Athanasios Papadopoulos.
  • The exhibition includes works representative of the Italian Renaissance and the Ionian Islands, the Flemish and the Ionian school, the French classicism and romanticism but also, more modern trends.
  • In the collection of Greek artists you will find works by: Altamura, Argiros, Eyelichos, Vega, Verdesopoulos, Vikatos, Volanakis, Vryzaki, Giatra, Doxara, Dukas, Thomopoulos, Iacovidis, Kandounis, Kapnisis, Kolla, Korai, Coutouzi, Lempesi, Xidia, Economou, Pantazis, Parthenis, Pelekasis, Prosalendis, Rallis, Roilos, Syrrakos, Tsirigotis, Phocas, Hadjis, Chimonas, etc.
  • Of course, we could not miss the works of famous Greek painters Nikiforos Lytras ("Nigger", "shepherd", "The peasant women", landscape, portraits) and Nikolaos Gyzis ("Penelope Gyzis", "My mother Kyra Tarot", "Close to the sick") hailing from Tinos.
  • The collection includes works by European artists and copies of: Velazquez, Veronese, Kastelli, Koretzio, Mali, Murillo, Ponne, Poussin, Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, etc.
  • In the same area there is also, a collection of precious decorative objects and antique furniture.