The Tinian Artists Museum (P.I.I.E.T.)

Tinion Kallit



Located in Chora, in the Church of Annunciation, on the floor of the east wing of the complex.


Admission upon request


22830 22256




  • The museum has been operating since 1930 and brings together more than 100 works, originals and copies, of the most important artists coming from Tinos.
  • The works, sculptures and paintings, were offered by the artists themselves in recognition to the contribution of the Holy Foundation, whose scholarships they were holders, or obtained from P.I.I.E.T. as part of the ongoing support and promotion of Tinian culture.
  • The collection of sculptures focuses on works of the 19th and early 20th century which are affected by various artistic movements (classicism, realism, impressionism, etc.).
  • The sculptors Giannoulis Chalepas, Lazarus Sohos, Dimitrios Filippotis, Georgios Vitalis, Lazarus and Markos Fytalis, Lukas Dukas, John Voulgaris, John Kolouris, George Roilos Nicholas Stergiou, John Lampaditis, George Vamvakas, Lazarus Lameras, Nicholas Kouvaras are all represented with their most characteristic works.
  • The exhibits also include paintings of great Tinian painters (Nicholas Gyzis, Nikiforos Lytras, John Gaitis, Periklis Lytras, Konstantinos Aspiotis, Matthew Renieris, Emmanuel Lampakis, Nicholas Louvaris).