Monastery Museum of Kechrovouni




Located in Moni Kechrovouniou, beneath the courtyard of the church of Agia Pelagia


Everyday, 07:00-13:30 & 14:15-19:15



  • The monastery’s ecclesiastical collection is gathered in this museum.
  • The exhibition includes old crosses and icons (mainly 18th and 19th century), with the oldest one the Lamentation (17th cent.), and also, icons painted by F.Kontoglou.
  • The collection also includes religious items like utensils (candles, candlesticks, chalices, etc.), vestments, holy books, and various objects (lamps, grinders, pots, cutlery, etc.), metal and embroidery.
  • Of particular interest is the silver-plated icon of Virgin Mary of the flagship of Kanaris, kept at the Abbey.
  • You can also buy handicrafts made by the nuns for the financial support of the monastery.