Folk Museum of the Ursulines’ Monastery

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Located in Loutra village 


14/7-30/8 Mon-Sat


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The folklore museum is housed in the Ursuline Convent in the village of Loutra.

  • In 1862, the monastery was established in Tinos, organized by Ursuline nuns and played a very important educational role by bringing together girls from all over Greece.
  • The schools of the monastery, including the professional ones (carpet and loom), operated for over 130 years, until 1993.
  • Currently, a department of the complex houses the folklore museum, where you can visit the rooms once hosting the schoolgirls and admire objects that testify to the long tradition and prime of the school in the past.

Among the exhibits are included:

  • Teaching workshops and school registers
  • The pharmacy and convalescent faculty
  • Looms and handicrafts of the schoolgirls
  • Books, paintings, musical instruments
  • Tools and everyday objects of the schoolgirls
  • Sacred vessels and vestments 
  • Photo Gallery