Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti

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Located on Kionia beach


Open: daily 08:30-15:00 

Closed: every Mpnday, 1/1, 25/3, 25-26/12


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General: 2 Euros, Discounted: 1 Euro

  • Temple dedicated to the worship of Poseidon and his wife Amphitriti.
  • The establishment and expansion dates from the period of domination of the Macedonians in the Cyclades (4th century BC).
  • The sanctuary gaining nationwide fame and culminating in the 3rd century was a magnet for pilgrims, even beyond the boundaries of Greece, such as southern Italy, Asia Minor and Africa.
  • In the 2nd century BC the Rhodians, then rulers of the “League of the Islanders” chose Tinos and particularly the Temple of Poseidon as the headquarters of their federation.
  • The last pre-Christian centuries are a period of great prosperity for Tinos reflected in the construction of new buildings, in the imposing sanctuary.
  • The original church (late 4th century BC.) was rectangular, with two interiors, the Pronaos and Naos (=nave).
  • In the early 2nd century BC, it is replaced by a larger Doric temple that houses supernatural statues of Neptune and Amphitrite, works of the Athenian sculptor, Telecine.
  • Other memorable buildings of the temple were the Fountain, “Avaton” or Infirmary, the Altar, built in monumental U-shape, the Arcade (170 meters of length), the "Platform of Nausios",a semicircular marble votive monument with the statues of members of eminent families of Tinos.
  • The shrine preserved its glory during the Roman times to the mid 3rd century AD, when it was abandoned.
  • After abandoning, the sculptural and architectural constructions of the temple served for centuries, as a building material. One can still see built inscribed plates and other pieces, which disappeared from the sanctuary, in the old houses in Chora or in the villages.