Church Museums

Museum of Icons and Religious Relics


                    • The Museum collects rare icons and sacred relics.
                    • The exhibition of icons includes icons (mostly 17th century. - 19th c.) from churches of Tinos and other areas.

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Museum of Sacred Relics of the Catholic Archdiocese (Xinara)


                    • The Catholic Archdiocese of Xinara houses the Museum of sacred relics and the File of the Catholic Diocese of Tinos.

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Church Museum in Falatados


            • In 1995, an ecclesiastical museum was founded in Falatados

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Church Museum in Arnados


                    • The Museum of sacred relics founded in 1987 and is housed in a utility room of the Church of the Ascension

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Monastery Museum of Kechrovouni (Monastiri)


                    • The monastery’s ecclesiastical collection is gathered in this museum.

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Sacristy (P.I.I.E.T.)


                    • The Sacristy gathers precious religious objects from the 19th century up today.

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