Museum of Icons and Religious Relics




Located in Chora, in the Church of Annunciation (Panagia), on the ground floor of the east wing


Admission upon request 


22830 22256




  • The Museum collects rare icons and sacred relics.
  • The exhibition of icons includes icons (mostly 17th century. - 19th c.) from churches of Tinos and other areas.
  • The oldest Icons of the exhibition are those of "Panagia Perivleptos" (14th c.) and "Panagia Galaktoforousa" (15th c.) while of special interest are the icons that were painted by F.Kontoglou and N. Lytras.
  • The exhibits include woodcarvings, temple, epitaph, crosses, candlesticks, cherubim, etc.
  • Equally interesting are the works of woodcarving with ecclesiastical themes, by John Platis (Tinos).
  • The display is complemented with engravings, etchings and offerings.
  • The gold ring of Theodoros Kolokotronis, who offered it to Virgin Mary, the original Charter of Rigas Fereos (1797) and a copy of the Icon of Panagia by Fr.Desipri, are noteworthy.