“ Because beauty needs sacrifices.... “


  • LOCATION: Located in the (SW)part of the island, it is about 11.5kms from Chora.
  • ACCESS: After passing the beach of Agios Romanos, moving west, continue for about 1km
    until you see the path that descends to Apigania. It will take approximately 500 meters
    walking to the beach, and another 500m to the adjacent beach of Kandani.Map
  • MORPHOLOGY: Fine sand - pebble and shallow crystal clear waters, there is no natural shade
  • CROWD INFO: secluded
  • WEATHER: Exposed to strong N winds.


  • Pristine beach of the most beautiful of the island.
  • Provide water and shade as you will not find in the area.
  • Depending on the time you arrive, if you're lucky, the rocks at the right end of the little
    trees provide natural shade.