“ Right in the middle(=Mesi) “


  • The name of the village comes from the location, "Pentostrato" (meaning five streets) where
    the five main roads, leading to all areas of Tinos, are met.
  • Mesi has, traditionally, been a rural village and its fertile fields have ever been cultivated.
  • At the entrance of the village, one meets the parish, the Church of the Archangels.
  • The monastery of St. Francis in Mesi was founded in 1670 and was the first Roman Catholic
    monastery on the island.
  • The Monastery of St Francis also houses Folklore Museum (of agricultural tools).
  • Mesi is the focal point for hiking at the plateau surrounded by Tsiknias and Xobourgo.


  • Located 10,5km away from Chora (Tinos). 
  • Follow the old road network (starting from Zan.Alavanou Av). Reaching Berdemiaros, turn
    left and go straight on to Mesi.
  • Map