“ Tinos' small Pisa “


  • The village is built on a hill of Karkovouni or Halkovouni.
  • In the area of Karkados, an ancient copper mine was found and it is likely that the name of the village comes from the word halkos (copper in English).
  • It is a small and quaint village that seems to be a continuation of Kalloni village.
  • Karkados is divided into two villages: Kato Karkados is near the valley and formed the original core of the village and Pano Karkados, situated in the east.
  • The church of Christ is known as "Little Pisa" among locals, as its bell tower is a bit sloping.
  • You can enjoy nature, walking along the old road and arrive at Kalloni on foot.


  • Situated 13.5km off Chora (Tinos). 
  • Starting from Kionion coastal road, go straight on till you meet the junction at Ag. Marina and turn right towards Kalloni. You reach Karkados just after Kalloni.
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