“ Plain(=Kambos) enriched with spirit “


  • Kambos (=plain) is situated in one of the few fertile valleys of the island.
  • In the area, you will find the best preserved windmill (the last one to work), dozens of pigeon
    houses and the well, best-preserved, with the traditionally built "handmade" laundry.
  • Kambos is the village where Agia Pelagia comes from (She envisioned Virgin Mary and led to
    the discovery of the Sacred Icon).
  • Visit the two churches in the village and enjoy the folk art in the construction of the pebbled
    courtyard of the Trinity (Catholic) and carved iconostasis of Saint Catherine (Orthodox). The
    church of St. Catherine was built in 1771 in honor of the Russian empress Catherine I, with
    the financial support of the Russian navy chief, Admiral Orlov.
  • Do not forget to visit the Museum of Kostas Tsoklis. The old primary school of Kambos,
    houses the Museum of Modern Art, curated by the artist himself.


  • Situated 7km away from Chora (Tinos). 
  • Follow the new road network Tinos - Panormos (starting from Tripotamou Av). In the central
    fork keep left to Kambos.
  • Map