“ Deep(=Vathi)... blue sea“


  • LOCATION: Located in the SW part of the island, it is about 24km from the city.
  • ACCESS: Walking down the main street from Ysternia to Ysternia Bay, quite low, in a
    relatively sharp left turning you take the dirt road, on the right, that leads to Vathi. The
    dirt road (total length of 3.5 km) to a point of passing between two houses and turn left
    immediately after, to begin the descent to the beach. It is steep and difficult in
    places and requires to pay attention. Map
  • MORPHOLOGY: Sand, pebbles, deep waters
  • CROWD INFO: Quiet
  • WEATHER: Fairly calm


  • The bay is narrow and deep and that’s why the region is called Vathi (=Deep).
  • On the beach there is a small fishing village.
  • Driving to Vathi along the dirt road you pass over the quarries that lead to the sea.