“ With respect to tradition “


  • Smardakito is built on the slope of mountain Raches, which offers breathtaking views of
    the valley of Komi and Xompourgo.
  • Respect to the traditional Tinian architecture is clearly visible in every corner of the village:
    the houses, the courtyards, the cobblestone streets, the arches.
  • Its rich vegetation in the area is due to the abundant waters, being scarce in Tinos.
  • The paved square is one of the most scenic on the island.
  • In the square you'll meet the church of St. Anthony with its impressive bell tower and the
    very old fountain with running crystal water and its traditional laundry.
  • The village has a Folklore Museum.


  • Situated 7.5 km off Tinos (Chora). 
  • Follow the new road network Tinos - Panormos (starting from Tripotamos Av.) and in
    the central fork keep left towards Tarambados. Just after Tarambados, you reach
  • Map