“ Widely(=platia) known for its tradition in marble art “


  • Platia is a small preserved village near Pyrgos.
  • First reports of the existence of the village date back to the 17th century.
  • On September 8 (Nativity of Mary) a feast takes place and all the villagers make
    preparations for it, welcoming and treating a lot of visitors, every year.
  • Next to the church (Birthday of Mary) there is a small ecclesiastical museum.
  • Main occupation of the villagers was the processing of marble.
  • Samples of Platiana marble art are the works of folk art (grave, tomb inscriptions)
    in the local cemetery.
  • The marble memorial lists the fallen Panormiton heroes in the Balkan wars.


  • Platia are 21 km off Chora. 
  • Head for Pyrgos through the new network of Chora-Panormos (starting either from
    Kionion coatal road or from Tripotamou Av.
    ). 2km before reaching Pyrgos turn right
    to Platia.
  • Map