“ By the Moon... “


  • Volax is built on a plateau in the center of Tinos island. By geological discoveries that came
    to the surface, it is probable that the area has been inhabited for 2,000 years.
  • For its name Volax (meaning "rock" in Greek), historically, there are more than ten
    variations and styles, deriving from the typical granite rocks in the region.
  • The "lunar" landscape of the village is unique. The origin of the phenomenon of the
    landscape of Volax stimulated the imagination of residents and also, of scientists.
    Regardless of how the massive, rotund, often animal-shaped granite rocks were created,
    the truth is that it offers one of the most impressive and imposing sight you have ever met
  • The traditional occupation of the villagers was basketry. In the workshops you can still see
    the artisans at work, admire and buy their products.
  • Volax is the meeting point for climbers from around the world for bouldering (climbing
    without a rope).
  • The outdoor theater hosts performances in the summer cultural events.
  • From Easter until the end of October, a Folklore Museum is open in the village.
  • If you find yourself on Easter Thursday in the village, do not miss the "Maranda" the great
    Catholic festival, in Panagia kalaman.


  • Situated 11 km off Chora (Tinos).
  • Follow the new road network (starting from Tripotamou Av) leading to Volax. In about 8.5km 
    (just before Krokos) turn right towards Skalados. After passing through Skalados, continue
    left, towards Volax.
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