“ Bernardo's own “


  • Venardados is a small picturesque village built on a hill overlooking Pyrgos village.
  • The name is due to a man named Bernardo, who once owned the village.
  • Reports of the village date back to 1700.
  • Permanent residents do not exceed 20.
  • Venardados is where the famous, Nikos Gaitis (painter) was born (1920).
  • The cathedral of the village is St. John the Evangelist (the Vrontaras) where you
    can admire the note worthy beautiful marble iconostasis and frescoes by N.Gaitis.
  • In the village there is a traditional well.
  • The gully meets the little chapel of St.Fanourios.


  • Located 22 km away from Tinos (Chora).
  • Starting from the Kionion coastal road, head for Pyrgos. You reach Vernardados
    just before Pyrgos.
  • Map

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