“ Loyal to the tradition of Tinos “


  • Ktikados is a traditional and very picturesque village, close to Chora, with spectacular views
    of Kionia.
  • The prime of Ktikados reached its peak in the 18th century, but findings from the region
    indicate that it has been inhabited much earlier, since the Geometric period.
  • Walking through the village, you will find most of the typical components of Tinian
    architecture (houses and churches, cobbled alleys, arches, lintels, fountains, laundries).
  • The village is of a mixed population shared between the Catholics and the Orthodox who
    coexist harmoniously.
  • You can visit the catholic church of the Holy Cross, one of the oldest on the island and the
    orthodox church of the Visitation (or Megalomata) with the icon of the Virgin Megalomata.
  • The two major festivals of the village are the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14) and
    the Ηypapanti (February 2).
  • In Ktikados the custom of Love revives every Easter Monday.
  • For hiking: there is a path starting from Ktikados and leading to Chora.


  • Located 6 km away from Chora (Tinos).
  • Follow the new road network Tinos-Panormos (starting from Tripotamou Av).
    At the central crossroad, keep left and after 600m turn left to Ktikados.
  • Map