Gaitis John

  • John Gaitis was born in 1923, hailing from the village Pyrgos of Tinos. 
  • His ranking is among the top contemporary artists in Greece.
  • He attended the School of Fine Arts Athens University and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.
  • He lived a long time in France watching the trends and studying the artistic currents of the great French painters by whom he was influenced.
  • The painter expressed hjmself through a variety of tecniques and movements: geometric, cubist, surreal, expressionistic, and abstract art, as well.
  • Main elements of his style, were the vigorous strokes of his brush, sensuality and Greek colors.
  • A highlight of his artistic expression was the "little man", introduced in the late '60s, and symbolizing the alienation and massification of modern man.
  • Participated in numerous exhibitions around the world (Paris, Rome, Le Havre, Athens, etc.) and received international recognition.
  • John Gaitis dies at the age of 60 (07/22/1984), a few days after the opening of the retrospective exhibition at the National Gallery of Athens.