The Mill


    • The windmills first appeared on the island when Tinos was under the Venetian rule.
    • The strong wind proved to be a valuable ally for milling wheat.
    • The classic windmill has a round shape, three levels and eight antennas that hold triangular sails, while the moving part lies on the dome.
    • The mills, which must have been more than 100, have contributed significantly to the economy of the island (19th century), yielding significant quantities of exportable wheat.
    • The presence of mills was of major importance for the feeding of residents in challenging periods of Ottoman and German occupation.
    • The last mills were abandoned shortly before the 80s and since then they have been transformed into sightseeing places or turned into original homes.
    • The windmills are scattered throughout the island but heading towards Pyrgos, Ysternia, Kardiani, Tarambados, Kambos, or Ktikados you will definitely find several mills particularly impressive.
    • Along with windmills, watermills were also operating in areas with streams (at Lazarus, in Agapi, in Perastra etc.).