Agricultural Products

                      • The fig has ever been a particularly important product for Tinos. The kontolata, the glykornioi, the arkounes, the kavourakia, the xinosyka or Basilicata are only some of the varieties of the productions. Harvested in August, some quantities -destined to accompany the raki- are dried.
                      • Ambelofasoula beans, caper, artichokes, dried tomatoes are some of the Tinian characteristic local products.

Dairy Products

                      • The local cheeses are well known and exported outside Tinos. The dairy Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Tinos helped to organize mass production of milk without losing its purity and high quality standards.

Meat Products

                      • Traditionally, the pig was a particularly important element of the diet and economy of the Tinian family since an animal was enough to cover the bulk of annual needs for meat. It is no coincidence that where Chirosfagia (=Pig slaughtering) is a custom, it has been maintained unchanged since the Byzantine times.


                      • The almond bites (amygdalota) are the most typical sweets of the island, often served at weddings and baptisms.
                      • The pies (tsimpites or lychnarakia) is the Easter sweet made from unsalted cheese (petroma) and eggs, orange or vanilla. In many bakeries, they are sold throughout the year.
                      • The skepasti is a sweet with the same stuffing with cheese pies but placed in a pan and served into pieces.


                      • The Raki or Strofylia is the "national" drink of Tinos
                      • Prepared by tsamboura, the remainders from pressing the grapes, which are then pulped, placed in jars for fermentation and finally distilled in a cauldron.
                      • The Tinian Raki has the characteristic aroma of fennel.

Aegean Natural Foods

                      • Aegean Food Products 
                      • In the old city center of Tinos Chora you will find all the products of Aegean Essence (first quality foods and extraordinary products from the Cyclades), selected products of Tinos and other parts of Greece and also a remarkable wine cellar from vineyards throughout Greece.

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