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Category/Occupation: Driving school
Address: K.Alavanou str. (opposite ΙΚΑ bldg.), 84200, Chora, Tinos
Phone number: (0030) 22830 29115, (0030) 6977749484

The driving school of Manolis Lagouros responsibly undertakes the practical and theoretical training of candidate drivers who wish to obtain a car or motorcycle license, as well as the professional driving licenses and their revisions.


Category/Occupation: Car rental
Address: Trion Ierarchon 19, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Phone number: +30 22830 22834, 6947464764

The MALLIARIS car rental office of Panagiotis Malliaris, in Tinos Town (Chora), meets responsibly and consistently your tranportation needs during your stay in Tinos.


Category/Occupation: Πρακτορείο Ακτοπλοϊκών Εισιτηρίων
Address: Παλιό Λιμάνι Τήνου, 84200 Χώρα, Τήνος
Phone number: +30 22830 24241-2 (8 γραμμές)

Το γραφείο μας συνεργάζεται με όλες τις μεγάλες ναυτιλιακές εταιρείες, προσφέροντας σας άνετο ταξίδι και υπεύθυνη εξυπηρέτηση με προσωπικό χαρακτήρα. Μπορείτε να κάνετε την κράτηση σας από/προς Τήνο αλλά και από Πειραιά ή Ραφήνα προς όλες τις διαδρομές...


Category/Occupation: Handmade Products of Tinos
Address: Pyrgos, 84201 Tinos, Cyclades
Phone number: +30 697 428 2676

We discover the uniqueness of our personality through the simple and pure, traditional products. Memories of scents awaken as they mix with the smell of lavender, chamomile, rose, lemon... The journey among herbs, colors and fragrances makes us travel...


Category/Occupation: Insurance Agency
Address: Coastal road, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Phone number: +30 22830 24726, 24722, 693 220 6322

The insurance agency MEGOULAS INSURANCES, maintained by the insurance counselor Alexandros Megoulas, a partner of Interamerican, has been in Tinos, on the coastal road of Chora since 1981, closing nearly 30 years of successful operation. 


Category/Occupation: Restaurant
Address: Trion Ierarhon, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Phone number: (0030) 22830 22818

In a lush garden, near the old port of Chora, you will find the restaurant "Mikro Karavi" (=Little Ship). Its Greek - Cycladic cuisine, creatively combines ingredients and flavors surprising pleasantly anyone tasting them.


Category/Occupation: Cafe, Pastry Shop
Address: Paralia, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Phone number: 0030 22830 22373

Mesklies coffee and pastry shop is open every day from early morning for coffee and breakfast to late evening for snacks and drinks, always using the same high quality ingredients based on traditional Tinian recipes but also on new innovative ideas to create unique flavors.