Address: Pyrgos
ZIP: 84201
Area: Tinos
Country: Cyclades
Phone number: +30 697 428 2676
We discover the uniqueness of our personality through the simple and pure, traditional products. Memories of scents awaken as they mix with the smell of lavender, chamomile, rose, lemon... The journey among herbs, colors and fragrances makes us travel as companions to a forgotten reality.
The matching of nature with tradition can give us a sense of rejuvenation and euphoria. All the ingredients we use are skin-friendly, absorbed easily by giving away beauty and well-being.
Also our list of edibles includes products that are a typical example of the Greek tradition. Our recipes borrowed from our grandmother's drawer, travel us to forgotten authentic tastes and flavors. Our products are made with pure and fresh ingredients without the addition of preservatives. Made with love and passion, they invite you to an exploration into yesterday and today!

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Category/Occupation: Handmade Products of Tinos