Address: Evaggelistrias 2
ZIP: 84200,
Area: Chora
Country: Tinos
Phone number: (0030) 22830 22234
The Palamaris family and Aegean Essence

The Palamaris family, with a history of 35 years of involvement with the marketing and distibution of food products, undertakes the task of production and standardization of the best Aegean products, facing the challenge of keeping the tradition, using modern means.

In 2012 Aegean Essence was first initiated, collecting first quality foods and extraordinary products from the Cyclades. Based on Tinos, the Aegean Essence systematically seeks to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the culinary identity of the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea.

Knowing the uniqueness of these products and how scarce they are in the Greek market, Aegean Essence becomes the link between the Aegean nature and those seeking the elements of Aegean culture: Authenticity, Pure flavors, Simplicity, Seasonality!

Aegean Natural Foods Store 

Since 2016 summer, Aegean Essence has been running a shop in the old city center where you will find all the products of Aegean Essence, selected products of Tinos and other parts of Greece and also a remarkable wine cellar from vineyards throughout Greece.

The Aegean Essence collection includes: Kopanisti cheese from Tinos, Tinos Gruyere, Volaki Tinos cheese, capers, caper leaves, Kritamo, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, tomato crackers, olive crackers, anise crackers and the list is constantly enriched with new ultra products from Tinos island.

The products of the Aegean Essence are also available in the website: : 

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