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Cocktail catering - Bar Afentouli & Taxiarchon 1, 84200, Chora, Tinos
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If you wish your favorite cocktails to the wedding, christening, celebration, anniversary or your private party, the Sivillaki Cocktail Catering has the solution!

Sivillaki is the cozy cocktail bar you will find in the famous “Steno” (=narrow street) that has historically been playing a leading role in the nightlife of Tinos town. Known not only as a meeting point but also for its unique cocktails, tables outside and dancing inside. James, the manager of the restaurant and the bar, started his career from an early age , first as a DJ, and soon met his great love, bartending. Since then he has daily been searching for new ideas, new recipes, gathering goodies from the Tinian soil, mixing local products with premium spirits, brews his own liqueurs, syrups and fruit purees. He combines everything creatively and serves imaginatively whatever comes into your glass.

The music themes vary depending on the night and the dancing mood. Early in the evening, lounge sounds accompany your relaxing cocktail round the tables outside. As the night progresses, rhythms go up: House, Deep House, Funky and Soul while you turn to the next cocktail list of possible options. Parties are often organized with famous guest DJs. And if you wonder how many people can the bar take in, you will soon find out!
The team of Sivillaki Cocktail Catering provides professional cocktail catering service offering a wide variety of recipes tailored to your needs, while shouldering the staffing of the event with carefully selected staff and reliable bar equipment.
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Afentouli & Taxiarchon 1, 84200, Chora, Tinos

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