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The name “Kritikos” is inextricably linked for years with the production of Tinos meat products, keeping a family tradition of almost a century. In the production unit, you will find the Traditional Meet Products of Tinos such as louza, traditional sausage and garlicky sausage.

Tinos sausage: pork, salt, black wine and natural spices.
Louza: The sausage is a typical Cyclades’ product. Two pieces of fresh meat, which are cut out of the left and right side of the pig backbone (sirloin). The meat is kept in salt for the first few days. Then, it is immersed for a few days in red wine. Right after, it is sprinkled with spices (pepper, allspice, fennel, cloves, savory) and finally passed to wide intestine and hung to dry and ripen in the air 20 to 25 days. It is cut into very thin slices and eaten as it is, without any heat treatment. Maintained at 0-5 °C, it contains no preservatives.
Tinos garlicky sausage: pork, salt, black wine, natural spices and garlic.

John tells the story of his family business: “The first butcher belonged to my great-grandfather Nikolaos Kritikos, and then to my grandfather, George Kritikos.
Better known as “Kabouris” he opened the butcher on the traditional road Megaloharis, offering top-quality local meats and traditional Tinian meat products.
In 1980, my father Nikos Kritikos took over the business together with my mother, kept the name “Kabouris” and transferred the butcher’s on the main street of Tinos, opposite the port, continuing to offer fresh meat products and traditional sausages.
Since when I was a small child, I remember myself working with him and thinking about the day I started my own business, becoming the fourth generation of butchers.
So in 2014, having a long experience and knowledge in the field I serve, I decided to create the only production unit of meat products on the island, equipped with the most modern equipment, in a unit that meets all international hygiene standards”.

Before leaving the island, visit the shop-unit in the Vinci area to buy your necessities. John will be there. He will make traditional and garlicky sausages, counting and weighing their spices carefully. He will make louzes with care, he will salt them before gently passing them into wine. He’ll await you to taste his traditional meat products!

Butcher shop – Kritikou Antonia (Chora)
Butcher shop – Fragiska Vidali (Chora)
Tinos Agricultural Association – Agrotikos Sineterismos Tinou (Chora)
Super Market – Perantakos (Pyrgos)
Super Market – ΣΥΝΚΑ (Chora)
Local Products – Karpos (Chora)
Arapian (Evripidou 41, Athens)

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Vintsi, 84200 Chora, Tinos

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