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Category: Restaurant - Cafe
Address: Iroon Polytechniou (Agali area), 84200 Agios Fokas, Tinos
Telephone: +30 22830 26955

At the beginning of Agios Fokas beach (Agali), you will find DIKO MAS. There, Nikos and his friends created their own place where friends gather talking to each other and having fun while enjoying their tsipouro or ouzo next to the sea and accompanying it with really nice food.


Category: Traditional Tavern
Address: Giannaki Bay, 84200 Kardiani, Tinos
Telephone: +30 22830 31673, 6977 233790

Going down to the bay of Kardiani (Giannaki), you meet the traditional tavern of Dinos. Ideal point: One of the most beautiful balconies of the island, hanging over the rocks, with amphitheatrical view-sea at the bay and up to Syros!


Category: Pizza Place - Bar
Address: Pyrgos, 84200, Tinos, Cyclades
Telephone: +30 22830 31119

Inspired by our family’s love for the art of pizza making and our active engagement since 1972, we set up a new establishment at Pyrgos, which is bound to bring back memories of the old traditional pizza to all those who may still remember it from their childhood neighbourhood.


Category: Tavern
Address: Ktikados, 84200 Tinos, Cyclades
Telephone: +30 22830 21070, 21087, 6937 236722

Choose a table on the balcony with the spectacular view of Kionia and Syros, under the flowerbed or the stone arches and give up yourself to Mrs. Irene's hands for homemade and local dishes, timeless and unaffected by trends...


Category: Traditional cafe - restaurant
Address: Dyo Choria village, 84200, Tinos, Cyclades
Telephone: (0030) 22830 41615 (reservations)

The homonymous traditional cafe restaurant "Dyo Choria" is located at the entrance of the traditional village. A place of meeting, intercourse and communication offering traditional dishes made from fresh products of Tinian land and breathtaking views!