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Category: Fish Tavern
Address: Kyprion Ethnomartyron square, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Telephone: (0030) 22830 23016

Those who love fresh fish "throw anchor" (Agkyra=anchor) in the square of Pallada, at the authentic traditional fish tavern in the center of Chora. What is in the menu? It depends on the current catch and on what the earth produces in the specific season of the year.


Category: Cafe
Address: Drosou Coast, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Telephone: (0030) 22834 00001

In the picturesque harbor at the end of the beach of Chora, the Aiolia awaits you from early morning until late at night. In the all day cafe, the day starts with flavoring coffee and homemade sweets (baked or preserved in syrup) and closes with a drink beside the sea.


Category: Traditional Coffee Shop
Address: Falatados, 84200 Tinos, Cyclades
Telephone: +30 22830 41275, 697 933 7891

In the heart of the village, in the picturesque alley below the Agia Triada Church - Agios Ioannis, we meet En Falatado! Traditional coffee shop, hangout, meeting point from early morning for morning coffee until late at night for the last raki.


Category: Cafeteria, Snack Bar
Address: V. Pavlou coast, 84200, Chora, Tinos
Telephone: (0030) 22830 22490

In the center of Chora and on the coastal road, across the dock where daily Tinian fishing boats are floating, Arodo is awaiting for you to… drop anchor. A permanent meeting point for locals and new comers is open all day long for your coffee, lunch or dinner.


Category: Σνακ μπαρ
Area: Χώρα