Address: Kyprion Ethnomartyron square
: 84200,
Area: Chora
: Tinos
Telephone: (0030) 22830 23016

Those who love fresh fish "throw anchor" (Agkyra=anchor) in the square of Pallada, at the authentic traditional fish tavern in the center of Chora. Panagiota, the owner, loves Tinos, believes in the value of the traditional cuisine and local products and proves it by using only Tinian products. Fishes are supplied by local fishermen and the well experienced Panagiota carefully chooses them one by one. Vegetables and sweets are also Tinian.

What does the menu include? It depends on the current catch and on what the earth produces in the specific season of the year. Local fish, fresh salads, beans, chickpeas, and what is fresh and fine will surely be included in the menu.

The beautiful new interior space awaits you all year long.
Opening daily: 11:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 - 00:00 (constantly open during summer). Accessible area for people with disabilities.

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