Address: Taxiarhon 17
: 84200,
Area: Chora
: Tinos
Telephone: (0030) 22830 22511
In antiquity, "Sivylla" was any woman able to tell the future...

Since the early 90s when Sivylla club first opened in the famous "steno" street of Chora, where the heart of Tinos nightlife beats, it guesses your desires and "tells the future of your night"...

Its music focuses on dance rhythms combining international and Greek hits. It often organizes events and performances of well-known DJs (Ms Lefki, Andrianos Papdeas, Vicky Bania, and many more).

A standard value for the nightlife of Tinos and one of the most popular clubs of Chora, Sivylla is known for its fun, vitality and uplifting rhythms!

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