The bottom of the sea in Tinos offers breathtaking underwater scenery and unique pictures to lovers of diving.

  • Along the coastline you will find bays, caves, rocky spots and shipwrecks.
  • Beaches of particular diving interest and easy to reach by car are the following:
  • Stavros: The ruins of the ancient harbor, pieces of ancient utensils, intricate formations and the abundance of fish compose a unique scenery.
  • Livada: Rocky bottom, shells and a wreck.
  • Vourni: Large reef, unique colors and intense biodiversity
  • Agios Romanos and Panousa: Steep cliffs, spectacular rocky ground and sandy valleys.
  • Ag. Sostis: An interesting seabed with its reef being seen, even out of the water.
  • If you have a boat, you can dive in "Skala", being characterized by the reef, the residues of once, extensive fishing activity in the area, and spectacular cliffs.
  • In Tinos, you will have the chance of renting your diving equipment and of training, as well.