Pahia Ammos

“ Sand dunes and crystal clear waters“


  • LOCATION: Located in the southeastern part of the island, it is about 8.5km from Chora.
  • ACCESS: Getting to Ag. Ioannis (Porto) follow the uphill road to the left and at the end
    of the road, turn right at the point where a stone entrance is formed. Take the path
    downhill leading (after about 1200m) where you will park your car. You have to walk 5
    minutes or so to get to the beach.Map
  • MORPHOLOGY: Sandy, shallow waters
  • CROWD INFO: Relatively quiet
  • WEATHER: Exposed to strong N winds


  • On the left side of the beach a dune is formed.
  • It has a large flat expanse of sand and is ideal for playing games in the sand.
  • Necessary equipment: a camera and an umbrella at midday.

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