“ Overlooking the Aegean deep blue... “


  • Until the '60s, Triantaros was one of the villages of Tinos with over 300 residents. There are 
    indications that the village existed since the medieval period (about 1000 AD).
  • The unique view of Tinos to the surrounding islands, and respect for the traditional
    architectural features are the two main characteristics of the village.
  • Starting from Triantaros, two streams flow into Gyrla and Agia Paraskevi, creating green 
    valleys. In the wider region the windmills and watermills were gradually abandoned or
    converted into homes.
  • Vrisi (upper village) and Xynari (lower village) are the two traditional wells in Triantaros
    while the springs under the poplar trees are a point of reference among locals.
  • In the square of Xynari, a well-preserved part of the old traditional olive press attracts the 
    attention. The Hero’s monument, the work of John Philipotis, a great sculptor, is also
  • The parish church of Triantaros, the Church of Apostles, built in 1861, is one of the greatest on
    the island and boasts for its marble and carved interior decoration.
  • The church of Gria Panagia (the name indicates the familiarity of the people with the divine 
    element, since "gria" they called their mother), had two temples: one for the orthodox and one
    for the Catholics who attended services under the same roof.
  • The form of an animal-like rock, the"Vayo", as it was known, was a place that children
    used to avoid since it had been connected with scary tales and legends. The last Sunday
  • before Easter, the children of Triantaros rivaled those of Dyo Horia over who will succeed to
    conquer and subdue the magical rock.


  • Located 7 km away from Tinos (Chora). 
  • Follow the old road network (starting from Zannaki Alavanou Av.) and at the first junction
    turn right toward Triantaros. 
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