“ In the valley with the pigeon houses “


  • Tarambados is a picturesque village with traditional houses and arches, built in a valley
    near Kambos.
  • The village's history begins in 1700.
  • You enter the village through a medieval arch.
  • The Church of the Archangels is the Catehedral of the village.
  • The main feature is the amazing Tarambados' pigeon houses in the valley to which you will
    be led if you follow the markings on the marble notice board.
  • Arriving there you will find about 20 pigeon houses well-preserved, least of which have
    been restored and are truly works of art.
  • The walk to the pigeon houses is delectable.


  • Situated 7.5 km off Tinos (Chora). 
  • Follow the new road network Tinos -Panormos (starting from Tripotamou Av.) and in the
    central fork keep left towards Kambos. Leaving Kambos behind, you reach Tarambados.
  • Map