“ A legend lost in time “


  • Lazarus is a ruined village, and information about its past has been lost over the years.
  • Located in an area of rare natural beauty. Creeks, oak trees and abundant water sources and
    green foliage make up the charming landscape.
  • Explore the village and follow the path (which was previously the only road connecting the
    Lower Parts -Kato Meri- to Chora) leading from Perastra to Loutra for an alternative ride.
  • The chapel you will meet, is devoted to Santa Anne.
  • The Ursulines used to take long walks in the area with their students.
  • There have been written reports of the medieval village since the 16th century.
  • Lazarus is associated with folk beliefs and legends about the existence of ghosts living in the


  • Situated 9.5 km off Chora (Tinos).
  • You can reach it on foot, following the path from Perastra to Loutra.
  • Map