“ Another view of... Beauty (=Kalloni) “


  • Its name "Kalloni" means beauty.
  • The village was formerly called "kellia", a name given to rural homes ("cells" in the
    local dialect), which constituted the settlements in the region or the cells of the monks
    living in the monastery of Agia Ypomoni (Holy Obedience). By decision of the municipal
    council adopted by royal decree, the village was renamed in Kalloni.
  • In Kalloni, one can distinguish three regions: the upper village around the church of Ag.
    Zaccaria, Koulparia, known as the central part of the village and Kalozados, the lower
    village. The original core of the village was the upper village.
  • The parish of the village is the church of Ag. Zaccaria. A basilica church, one of the
    largest on the island, with a beautiful pebbled churchyard will be an interesting stop of
    your tour in the village.
  • A nice ride also, is the path leading to the chapel of Agia Ypomoni, where you will enjoy
    the view.
  • In the past, there was formerly a school for rug and carpet making.
  • The Heroon, at the entrance of the village, is the monument where the names of the villagers,
    who perished in the war during the period 1912-1922, are recorded.


  • Located 13 km away from Chora (Tinos)
  • Starting from Kionion coastal road, reach the junction at Ag. Marina and continue right
    towards Kalloni.
  • Map