Ebros (Front) Dialyskari

“Gastriotissa chapel on the shore“


  • LOCATION: Located near Kionia, it is 4.2km (the last 1km walk) from the town.
  • ACCESS: Approach it on foot or by boat. Get to the beach of Platia Ammos and after crossing
    it, follow the path that leads to the beach. 
  • MORPHOLOGY: Sand, rocks, normal depth
  • CROWD INFO: Isolated
  • WEATHER: Exposed to N winds


  • The major part of the area is known as Gastria.
  • The picturesque chapel of Panagia Gastriotisas is built on the cliffs.
  • If you keep on climbing, the mountain you will come to the chapel of Agios Stefanos,
    overlooking the Aegean Sea and Syros island.
  • Continuing towards the sea, you will find the entrance of the cave of Gastria, hidden among
    the rocks.